Feeding the Content Machine

January 18, 2018
Content Machine

Blog originally written for the Connecticut Economic Resource Center

While arguably the most effective marketing method, content marketing is a hungry machine – demanding that you continuously supply content to feed your audience’s appetite.

When done well, the content centers on the consumer, rather than itself – it is more about them then it is about you. And it’s not interruptive – it’s there when people want it and need it when they seek solutions.

Again, when done well, content marketing informs, educates, and is useful – responding to audience demands and relevant at various points throughout the buying cycle.

Content Marketing Demand Continues to Grow

There’s never been more demand for content. Social media, sales support, customer service, and real-time marketing are just a few areas where content is king, but with limited time and resources, how do you keep up?

Take something you’ve already created, put it in a new format, and give it new life. You’ve already done the hard work; it’s time to reap the benefits such as:

  • The opportunity to extend your marketing message across multiple channels. For example, distill a long-form white paper into an article to publish on your LinkedIn profile, distribute the content across multiple blog posts, and a series of videos posted on YouTube, or Facebook live.
  • The opportunity to reach new audiences. When you repurpose content into a new format for specific channels, you’ll reach new audience segments that otherwise may not have found it. Translating a live talk into a SlideShare presentation, an infographic, or a video blog will allow for a wider distribution of searchable content (so make sure to assign relevant keywords to your content).
  • The opportunity to increase organic website traffic. Repurposing keyword-optimized content in a variety of formats can push you higher in organic search results, and lead to greater traffic to your site. Also consider publishing your content on other sites to gain the benefit of backlinks, and higher search engine results.

The graphic below illustrates many possibilities to repurpose and expand upon a single long-form article or white paper, and is by no means exhaustive… Trends are indicating that video is going to be even more popular in the coming year – with marketers experimenting with Facebook Live, 360-degree videos, and virtual/augmented reality as part of the content mix, even in business-to-business applications.

Create Once, Fill Your Content Gaps

When you are working on developing your marketing strategy, and content calendar, consider how to create once, and repurpose into formats that your audience will consume and share. Focus on value and utility. If you already have a large library of content, go back through your metrics to find the content that performed the best and transform it into something new that will garner interest from new audiences, drive organic traffic to your website, and generate well-educated, qualified leads.

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