If You Build It, They Will Come?

February 5, 2018

“If you build it, they will come.”

Ranked 39th of the top 100 American movie quotes of all time, Ray Kinsella believed what he heard in that cornfield, and despite taunts of lunacy, he built that baseball diamond. And yes, Shoeless Joe Jackson and others from the 1919 White Sox arrived as the whispers promised.

So will this work for your website? If you build it, will they come? Will its very existence bring people to it?

I’m sorry to disappoint, but the answer is no. Simply building a website will not guarantee online success. The factors that go into a website’s success are many, and while your website is at the center of your online universe, it’s one part of an always changing landscape that needs consistent caretaking. Discouraged yet? Don’t be – you’ve got so many opportunities to bring people to your site.

Building a Digital Marketing Strategy

While Ray Kinsella followed the voices in Field of Dreams, we prefer to start each and every web development project with an in-depth strategy session to clearly articulate your what, your how, and your why – the root of your story and the reason your business exists.

Following market research, we draw a map of the competitive landscape to understand where you fit in so we can help you stand out… and we turn our attention to building a strong foundation for your website – images and words that define a focused brand identity, a sitemap with intuitive navigation and a clear user interface that delivers organized content, search engine optimization technology and keyword strategy to help your audience find your site, and a preliminary plan to promote your site via on and offline channels.

Visually thinking – a website and the ecosystem that supports it is rather like a tree – anchored to your overall marketing strategy through the root system.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be digging deeper into the factors that make up a successful digital marketing strategy, to not only build a strong website and online presence, but to leverage the right channels to attract, engage, and convert.

Considering a new website or want to improve the performance of your current site, contact us for a complimentary conversation. 

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