It’s Not All About You

August 17, 2017
not all about you

Blog originally written for the Connecticut Economic Resource Center


Your business is not about you – it’s about your customers, your clients, and your potential buyers. The purpose of you being in business is to solve your customers’ problems and help them be more successful.

So why then are we so “me, me, me” focused when it comes to marketing our businesses?

More often than not, I see small businesses and solo-business folks (aka the “solopreneur”) focused on promoting themselves and their expertise. Spending the majority of your time talking about how great you are and what you’ve done is not going win you business. Your marketing is not for you – it is for your audience. The best, and most successful, companies are storytellers that weave their customer problems into the narrative while showcasing how they worked together toward a successful solution.

Prospective customers want to know how what you do is relevant to them – and you need to determine how to explain how your product / service can help make their lives better.

Author Simon Sinek introduced the concept of the “Golden Circle” – that in any buying decision there are three steps to how the decision is made:

All organizations know the what – the products you sell, or the services you offer. Some know how they do it – often called the value proposition, or the differentiating factor – it’s the things that you think make you different from or better than your competition. But very few can clearly state why they do what they do. What is their purpose, their cause or belief… and why should the audience care?

Successful businesses operate from the inside out and from their customer viewpoint, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Simon Sinek

When your why aligns with your customers’ why, magic happens.

Take, for example, the “about” page on your website. If more than 30% of the content talks about you, it’s too much. Research has shown that the most successful about us pages – those that convert visitors into action takers – are constructed using the following formula:

  • Problem statement (what are your customers struggling with? What are the common challenges your services / products help to overcome?)
  • Why statement (what is the motivating factor to take action?)
  • Who (who you are / who your business is and what about your solution solves their why?)
  • How to work together with a motivating call to action (what is the next step they need to take to solve their problem? )

Of course, adding your credentials and background is important to build trust. But that should be secondary. Effective marketing is about understanding your customers’ problems as well as their dreams and desires and then giving them a solution.

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