The Opportunity to Create a Real Connection

April 21, 2017

Blog originally written for the Connecticut Economic Resource Center

Regardless of the industry that we’re in or the audience we’re trying to reach, when we have a message to communicate, we tend to obsess over choosing just the right words. Which words will convince my reader to take action? How do I differentiate my message from the thousands of others my reader is being bombarded with daily?

Connection Points

What we often lose sight of – in our obsession to optimize the words – is the opportunity to create a real connection with the reader. Instead of crafting messages on our need to be heard, or starting with all of the things we need to say, flip the script and think about who’s listening and what they need to hear.

  • Who is this message for?
  • What do they [my audience] care about?
  • What are they struggling with / challenged by / in need of?
  • How will my product / service help them?
  • How will their work / life improve with my product / service?
  • What will my message invite them to do?

Next time you sit down to send an email, write some sales copy, or draft that marketing campaign – stop to consider what that person who will read it is doing, thinking, and feeling. What would you say to them if you were sitting across the table, having a conversation, looking them in the eye?

Not only does this alternative approach make us better communicators, it also makes us more empathetic to our audience, which, in turn, makes for better, more successful experiences for the people we serve.

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